1. How are the mobile devices models and mobile devices producers rankings presented?

Please be informed that the method of identifying mobile devices in gemiusTraffic was modified as of 6.05.2010. Since some additional parameters provided by user browsers can now be obtained, the identification of mobile devices in the research has increased. This increase was mainly due to the fact that the identification of the mobile devices with the Opera Mini browser installed is possible. Due to the fact that the report for the week between 3.05.2010 - 9.05.2010 covers the data obtained with the use of two different methods, the data is not comparable with either the earlier data or the data from the subsequent weeks. Due to this situation we have decided not to present them on the website and to present the following weeks since 10.05.2010. All persons who wish to obtain archive ranking statistics, basing on data collected from the User-Agent header solely, are asked to contact us.

2. How do we present the ranking of "Color settings"?
3. How to interpret the countries and regions rankings?
4. What´s new on the web site?
5. What´s the value of data presentation threshold?
6. What is meant by "page view", "visit" and "visitor (cookie)"? What´s the difference between the number of page views and visits?
7. What is "the percentage number of visits"?
8. Does a ranking based on this methodology reflect the actual usage of search engines?
9. Why is the percentage of visits referred by search engines a basis for calculating the ranking?
10. Is the search engine ranking based on the currently applied methodology susceptible to distortions?
11. What is the role of cookies?
12. Can the information collected be gemiusTraffic by used to identify internet users?
13. How to download gemiusRanking PL data?
14. Where do I find archived data?

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