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logo gemius Gemius – founder of the gemiusRanking MD web site – is an international research agency, the leader and forerunner in the field of research of the internet and on the internet in Europe. The company has operated on the Polish market since its establishment in 1999, offering professional research, analysis and counselling services. By combining the passion and talents of our employees with in-house developed solutions, it has been continually widening the scope of activities, providing international clients with comprehensive knowledge about the internet.  

The Company offers professional research solutions, analytical and advisory services, from site-centric and user-centric studies to technologically-advanced tools for studying internet user behaviour on chosen websites (gemiusTraffic), internet user socio-demographic profiles (gemiusProfile), the quality of WWW page usage (gemiusUsability) and the effectiveness of internet advertising campaigns (gemiusEffect). Gemius also conducts research related to subjects submitted by customers (gemiusAdHoc). Apart from the above mentioned research services, Gemius offers a study on the behaviour of users who view online multimedia content (gemiusStream) and a research tool for immediate measurement and presentation of all clicks made by internet users on a website (gemiusHeatMap). Gemius sets the standard for online audience and internet application measurement (gemiusAudience) in almost half of all European countries.

Gemius is active in 20 countries in Europe and the Middle East.


logo gemius In our day-to-day operation, we adhere strictly to the code of conduct developed by the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR) that regulates the manner in which commercial research projects are conducted.

The principles which we follow in our work are reliability, honesty and compliance with ethical principles. We believe that high qualifications and the passion for development displayed by our team contribute to successes of our company. We value creativity and non-standard approach to problems. Following the motto "Thinking beyond borders", we create a globally-unique technology and provide reliable knowledge about the internet market in Poland and abroad.

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