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Gemius SA is aware of and dedicated to protecting privacy of internet users who visit the sites monitored by gemiusTraffic.

  • We Respect Your Privacy

We respect the European Union and Polish Directives and Laws regarding personal data protection. We have appointed a Data Protection Officer at Gemius, who supervises the compliance of the company’s actions with environmental laws and the principles described in this privacy policy. We are able to gather research data in various ways and are aware of and dedicated to protection of the privacy of internet users visiting websites monitored by us. We provide various web-analytics and online measurement services that help our clients to understand how people use and interact with the internet. We do this by gathering research data on the traffic and users on websites administrated by our clients (and related to their advertising campaigns). As an ethical market research agency, Gemius adheres to ICC/ESOMAR international code on market and social research (

  • What information do we collect about internet users?

We gather statistical information on behavior of internet users. The information in question may include:
•    The number of visitors to websites of our Clients
•    Pages which are visited by the users
•    The durations of visits or video views
•    Details about the browsers the visitors use
•    The site the user was visited before he/she accessed our clients’ site
•    The total audience exposed to an ad campaign and the demographic composition of that audience
•    Advertising click-through metrics and advertising effectiveness metrics
•   Technical data about the user's computer, but this only includes: operating system, browser type, screen resolution and geographic location on the basis of anonymized IP address.

In order to raise standards of ensuring the protection of internet users’ privacy Gemius has decided to introduce safeguards that prevent the identification of the full IP addresses. Therefore, the lowest bits of the IP numbers are cleared. We also display surveys to internet users of our clients’ websites during their visits to these sites. These surveys require additional e.g. demographic, non-personally identifiable information. Participation in surveys is always voluntary and the users can choose whether or not to provide the information requested. All demographic data submitted remain anonymous.
We don’t collect any personal or personally-identifiable data about an internet user without  user's explicit permission.
In some of the studies we ask to provide us with contact information, such as e-mail address. Persons who provide their e-mail addresses are contacted for research purposes only. We don’t send any marketing or advertising materials to individuals who provide their contact information. All data gathered are used solely for the purposes of statistical analysis and we guarantee that no e-mail addresses will be made available to any third parties.

  • What technologies do we use to collect the information? (“Cookies Privacy”)?

There is a piece of code inserted into the websites of our certain clients’ in order to gather statistical site usage information. These pieces of code may also be embedded in client ad campaigns appearing on ad placements across websites. We use cookies to gather statistical information to help understand what users find interesting and useful on our Clients’ websites, what advertising campaigns are effective and to learn what is the aggregated demographic composition of a website’s visitors or of a specific ad campaign audience. Thanks to the data stored in cookies one can watch ads that are in accordance with his/her interests and simultaneously one does not have to watch ads he/she finds boring.
One can control cookies through your browser’s settings. However any alterations to these settings may affect the functionality of certain websites. For information about how to assert that you do not agree to participate in researches conducted by Gemius, please see the “Opting Out”part.
We use cookie technology for some advanced methods of advertisement delivery on websites, called gemiusDirectEffect ad server (read more).
Click here to go to the website of AdOcean, the company developing the ad server on the basis of the Gemius'  methodology. There, you can read some technical information about the opt-out cookie and save one on your computer.

  • How do we use the information?

We use statistical information to provide our clients with detailed reports and analyses of traffic to their websites, possibility of instant evaluation of the page content popularity, the audiences of their websites and advertising campaigns as well as the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. We use data from Client’s websites in aggregate to prepare reports. These reports are presented in aggregate form and do not contain personal-identifiable data. We don’t influence the results of any research study - neither at the raw-data level nor at the level of processed data.

  • With whom do we share the information?

We employ individuals or cooperate with other companies for them to perform certain activities on our behalf. Such companies or individuals may be provided with access to your information when it is needed to perform their functions, but are prohibited from using such information for any other purpose. If your personal data are transferred to them, we ensure that they employ at least an equivalent level of security measures. In addition, we may provide this information to third parties when disclosure is required by law or when necessary or desirable to exercise or preserve our legal rights, or to take action regarding potentially illegal activities. If all or part of our company is sold, merged or otherwise transferred to another entity, your information, whether personally identifiable or not, may be transferred as a part of that transaction.

  • How do we protect the information?

We store the information described in this policy for as long as needed for market research purposes. We store these data in our headquarters in Poland. We may transfer information to our local offices in other country only if it is necessary for the research purposes. Wherever we hold the data, we apply the terms of this policy and any applicable law. Gemius has implemented certain security measures to help protect the security and confidentiality of information while they are in our control. We inform our employees about our policies and procedures regarding confidentiality, security and privacy, and we emphasize the importance of complying with these rules. Our security procedures are consistent with generally accepted commercial standards used to protect personal information.
We limit access to your information to authorized employees who we believe reasonably need to come into contact with that information. All of them are bound by this privacy policy and by Best Practices for Personal Data Handling binding Gemius Group. Access or use of information for any purpose other than those explained in this privacy policy will not be authorized.

  • Opting Out

This paragraph describes the method how you may resign from our tracking your online behavior. We’ve implemented the Do Not Track standard in our practice. Do Not Track is a technology and policy proposal that enables users to opt out of being tracked by websites they do not visit, including analytics services, advertising networks and social platforms. For more information about this standard, click here.
If you don’t wish us to collect statistical data regarding your behavior, you can enable the Do Not Track technology or accept a special OPTOUT cookie.

  • Policy Changes

This Privacy Policy may be updated from occasionally. We encourage you to review this privacy notice frequently to ensure that you stay apprised of any changes. If we make a vital change to this policy or our privacy practices, we will post a visible notice on this site 30 calendar days prior to the implementation of this vital change. Following the implementation of the vital change, we will indicate the date of the last revision at the very beginning of this document.

  • Access to personal information

To request access to personal information that we hold about you, we require you to submit your request in writing at the e-mail address or postal address shown below (in Contact us). You will be given a right to access your personal information and correct, amend or delete it where it is inaccurate. We will endeavor to provide your requested personal information within 30 days of receiving your access request. If we cannot fulfill your request, we will provide you with a written explanation of why we had to deny your access request.

  • Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy please contact us: The Data Protection Officer e-mail:
For more information about how our clients use the information collected on their websites, please see their privacy policies.
This Privacy Policy was last updated on October 19, 2011.

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